GASWORLD: ‘World’s first’ solar-powered helium processing facility under construction

Fabrication has begun on the ‘world’s first’ solar-powered helium processing facility.

Desert Mountain Energy is behind the McCauley helium processing facility, based in Arizona, US, that will use solar energy to produce and process helium in an environmentally friendly manner.

SEEKING ALPHA: Desert Mountain Energy: A Way To Play The Worldwide Helium And Neon Crisis

I’m going to make the premise of this article really easy in four points.

First, the world is experiencing a helium shortage and Desert Mountain Energy (OTCQX:DMEHF) might be the ticket to play this looming crisis.

Second, A large percent of the worlds neon production just stopped via the Ukraine-Russia war. Some sources place this at 50% of worldwide neon production, while others peg it at 90% (if looking at semiconductor grade neon). Guess who found neon gas in wells. Answer: Desert Mountain Energy.

EPSTEIN RESEARCH: Desert Mountain Energy, the helium gas stars are aligned

As bullish as I’m on Desert Mountain Energy, other He juniors could also be successful. But most others are 6-12 months behind in terms of meaningful production, and a further 12-24 months (if ever) from designing, permitting, funding, building, commissioning & operating a facility like the one that DME will start commissioning in July.
Compared to peers, DME has a more experienced mgmt. team, Board + advisers, and is fully-funded through positive free cash flow. 

THE MARKET MINDSET: DME Wins Canadian Business Award for Top Helium Exploration & Discovery Company

Desert Mountain Energy Corp recently announced that they were the recipients of “Best Helium Exploration and Development Company – North America” by the Canadian Business Awards 2022. Robert Rohlfing, CEO of Desert Mountain Energy sits down with The Market Mindset to discuss the recent news along with


The Company is pleased to announce that they have been chosen as the recipient of “Best Helium Exploration and Development Company – North America” by the Canadian Business Awards 2022.


Robert Rohlfing, CEO of Desert Mountain Energy, sits down with The Ellis Martin Report to discuss their recent discovery of a hydrogen field in Arizona.

STOCKHOUSE: One of the Last Stocks Filling the Helium Supply Gap

From medical equipment, aerospace applications, alternative energy sources, and even the computer and video gaming industries, distinct major markets claim helium as a crucial element to their future. While supplies dwindle, prices are rising.

EPSTEIN RESEARCH: Timely interview, Pres. & Dir. Don Mosher, helium gas junior Desert Mountain Energy

Desert Mountain expects to be one of the greenest mining operations on the planet by using a solar farm onsite + its own produced hydrogen gas for back-up power generation.

In addition to its use in MRI machines, helium is critically important in semiconductors / fiber optics, data centers, LCD displays, hard drives, quantum computing, rocketry & lasers.

There are not many helium juniors to invest in, [less than 20]. Fewer still listed in N. America. The following interview of President Mosher discusses where Desert Mountain Energy stands today, and where it’s headed.

PROACTIVE: Desert Mountain Energy Corp updates on plans for 2022 and path to helium production

Don Mosher, President of Desert Mountain Energy, talks to Proactive about the company’s plans for 2022, including their solar-hydrogen-powered facility and their path to helium production.

THE MARKET MINDSET: Desert Mountain Energy, CVE: DME

Andrew O’Donnell from The Market Mindset sits down with Robert Rohlfing, CEO of Desert Mountain Energy, to discuss the latest news regarding their production facility as well as the purchase of 40 acres of land.