Issue 204:

One of a kind

Driven by the expertise of CEO Robert Rohlfing, Desert Mountain Energy is threatening to shake up the US energy sector thanks to its advances in the exploration of helium and clean hydrogen

A relative newcomer to the field, Desert Mountain Energy (DME) began life as recently as 2018. Originally founded ten years prior as African Queen Mines Ltd, the once-mining company approached now-CEO Robert Rohlfing with a proposition to explore prospective helium, hydrogen, and noble reserves in Arizona’s Holbrook Basin, a large salt basin, situated close to the south margin of the Colorado Plateau in Apache, Navajo, and Coconino Counties. “Going back to 1999, I’d already conducted much of the geology and base work,” Robert explains. “So, when the offer came in, I accepted, and the project developed from there.”

A seasoned oil and gas industry operations executive, Robert boasts a strong geological background and over 26 years’ experience in formulating, conducting, and managing successful exploration, drilling, development, and production programs for oil, gas, and minerals worldwide. Armed with his expertise, DME quickly set to work acquiring additional leases, before drilling its first two wells in 2020. “They came in beautifully,” Robert reflects. “We had a very high percentage of helium, and soon after we moved 75 miles to the west, where we drilled our third well, and made another discovery.”

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