METALS NEWS: North America’s First Vertically Integrated, Primary Producer of Helium

“I think we’ll be in the startup by the 1st of November. We expect to be receiving the modular housing units from GENRON, sometime in the next three weeks. The solar panels are in storage, they’ve landed from overseas. The fencing is going up next week. The trenching is being done right now. The plot itself, the 10.6 acres, that’ll house the solar panels and the processing facility, that site has been prepared and leveled and gravel has been laid down on it. We’re building it right now, and we’ll probably have this whole thing built and turned on in the next six weeks.”

SEEKING ALPHA – Desert Mountain Energy: An Explosive Path To Success

While the focus of Desert Mountain Energy (OTCQX:DMEHF) is mining helium, they also have hydrogen deposits. These hydrogen deposits are frankly overlooked and often ignored.

I theorize that the hydrogen aspect of the company will become very profitable and very important. With time, we should see additional announcements and deals concerning hydrogen.

Keith Stelter Podcast: James Hayes talks drilling for Helium

Get a glimpse into the more technical side of the helium industry!

From DME’s drilling practices and the tools we use to the challenges encountered along the way, James Hayes, VP of Engineering discusses it all on this podcast hosted by Keith Stelter

THE ELLIS MARTIN REPORT: Desert Mountain Energy: Helium and Hydrogen in Arizona. A Review With Executive Chairman Robert Rohlfing.

In this segment of The Ellis Martin Report, Desert Mountain Energy’s (TSX-V:DME/OTC:DMEHF) Executive Chairman Robert Rohlfing reviews the Company’s Helium and Hydrogen Projects in Navajo County, Arizona, including the upcoming delivery of the modular solar-powered production facility.

THE MARKET MINDSET: Latest from Desert Mountain Energy and the future of high-tech coolants

Andrew O’Donnell is joined by Robert Rohlfing, CEO & Executive Chairman of Desert Mountain Energy, to get the latest update on:

DME’s contract with GENERON
The McCauley Helium Processing Facility, including its solar power capabilities and what grade of helium it will produce
Hydrogen and what makes Desert Mountain Energy’s discovery unique

EPSTEIN RESEARCH: Desert Mountain Energy, #helium production starts this year, HIGH margin, HIGH growth to follow

Despite management teams talking a lot about a severe shortfall in helium gas supply with reverberations that are leading to a comprehensive rethinking of security of supply & ESG initiatives, most investors don’t know much about helium. It’s simply not as SEXY as high-tech battery metal/EV plays or high-grade gold discoveries.

The Silicon Review Choses DME As One Of The 50 Best Companies To Watch In 2022

Desert Mountain Energy Corp. is honoured to be named to the Silicon Review’s list of 50 best companies to watch in 2022.

Robert Rohlfing, CEO of DME, sat down to discuss…

SEEKING ALPHA: Desert Mountain Energy: One Of The Best Mining Companies On The Stock Market

In this article, we will cover the helium crisis as well as future plans of Desert Mountain Energy (OTCQX:DMEHF). First, we will cover the claim jumpers challenge that DME faces and then we will look at positive events concerning the company.

Hot Stocks to Watch in the Energy Sector! | Benzinga All Access

Don Mosher, President of Desert Mountain Energy Corp., sits down with Benzinga All Access, to discuss DME’s growth and the team behind the Company’s success.

THE ELLIS MARTIN REPORT: Desert Mountain Energy Solar Powered High Grade Helium Prod in Arizona $DME

Don Mosher, President of Desert Mountain Energy Corp, sits down with Ellis Martin to discuss the Company’s latest appointment of Marta Wasko as Vice President and a general update on DME, including other sources of revenue, the cost of helium and more.