Fabrication has begun on the ‘world’s first’ solar-powered helium processing facility.

Desert Mountain Energy is behind the McCauley helium processing facility, based in Arizona, US, that will use solar energy to produce and process helium in a environmentally friendly manner.

In addition to its solar energy capabilities, the site will also use hydrogen discovered in the McCauley helium field as a back-up energy source.

To further boost efficiency, the Desert Mountain Energy team have designed the processing facility with mostly off-the-shelf components and connections with the highest structural strengths to ensure a long-life span.

Robert Rohlfing, CEO of Desert Mountain Energy, said, “We are excited that GENERON has begun assembly on the McCauley helium processing facility. Desert Mountain Energy has proven that we can discover helium and the plant will demonstrate that we can produce, process and sell it directly to end-users.”

“Plant start-up, which is scheduled for completion sometime in the third quarter, is a major component of our goals. The worldwide helium supply continues to be in critically short supply and Desert Mountain Energy is striving to be part of the solution.”

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