Desert Mountain Energy Closes Sale of Its Yellowjacket Gold Project and Atlin, B.C. Properties to Brixton Metals

Vancouver, British Columbia — DESERT MOUNTAIN ENERGY CORP. (the “Company”) (TSX.V: DME) is pleased to announce that it has now closed the sale of all of its right, title and interest in the Yellowjacket Gold Project and related mineral tenures in the Atlin, B.C. mining camp (the “Property”) to Brixton Metals Corporation (TSX.V: BBB) (“Brixton”), pursuant to the Asset Purchase and Sale and Royalty Agreement dated August 3, 2018, between the parties (the “Agreement”).

Under the terms of the Agreement, the Company has sold to Brixton all of the Company’s mineral claims in the Property, comprising 51 claims covering an area of approximately 28,589.76 hectares, which encompasses the permitted Yellowjacket Gold Mine in the Pine Creek Area 9 km E of Atlin, as well as other hard-rock claims in the district deemed to be highly prospective exploration targets for gold mineralization. The Company has also released its interest in and requested the B.C. Ministry to transfer for the benefit of Brixton all of the Company’s rights to: (i) the Reclamation Bonds which are held in trust by the Government of B.C. in respect of the Property, aggregating approximately $172,051; and (ii) the Mines Act Permit issued for the Yellowjacket Gold Mine, # M-235, RSBC 1996, c 293, as amended, together with certain other exploration and environmental permits relating to the Property. The Company has also transferred to Brixton all documents, data, reports, studies, drill core, assays and other technical information relating to the Property.

In consideration for all of the above, Brixton has paid to the Company the sum of $50,000 in cash and has issued to the Company 4,300,000 fully paid and non-assessable Common Shares of Brixton. Said Shares bear a legend imposing a trading restriction as follows: (i) as to 1 Million Shares, 6 months from closing; (ii) as to 1 Million Shares, 12 months from closing; (iii) as to 1 Million Shares 18 months from closing; and (iv) as to 1.3 Million Shares 24 months from closing. In addition, Brixton has agreed to pay to the Company a 1.0% net smelter returns royalty (NSR) on all ore produced from the Property in perpetuity, subject to a right of repurchase by Brixton for the sum of $1.25 Million in cash at any time up to 90 days following initial commercial production from the Property.

In a separate transaction, the Company has sold to Brixton all equipment and supplies on site for nominal consideration. Any future disposition will entail significant expenses on the part of Brixton in disassembling, loading and transportation of the equipment and supplies and disposing of waste material.

According to Irwin Olian, CEO of the Company, “We are delighted to have concluded sale of the Yellowjacket Gold Project and our other Atlin, B.C. assets to Brixton at this time. It allows the Company to devote its personnel and limited financial resources to development of its energy projects in the Southwest U.S., with immediate focus on our Heliopolis helium and oil & gas project in Arizona’s Holbrook Basin, where we now own 36,706 acres of highly prospective leases. We believe Gary Thompson and his capable technical team at Brixton are now well positioned to achieve success with development of a regional scale hard-rock gold project in the Atlin camp and wish them all the best for success in this endeavor. The Company is retaining a significant equity interest in the Property through ownership of a sizeable position in Brixton’s Common Shares as well as the 1% NSR payable to the Company. At the same time, the Company is relieved of further costs associated with exploration, development, care and maintenance of the Property. This deal certainly appears to be an excellent deal for both companies.”

About Desert Mountain Energy
The Company is an exploratory resource company engaged in exploration and development of helium, oil & gas and mineral properties in the Southwestern United States. Until September 5, 2018, the Company also owned the Yellowjacket Gold Project in Atlin, British Columbia, which it had been developing. The Company has its executive offices in Vancouver, Canada. The Company was incorporated under the laws of the Province of British Columbia, on April 30, 2008, and was formerly named African Queen Mines Ltd. It initially received certain southern African assets in a spin off transaction related to the acquisition of Pan African Mining Corp. by Asia Thai Mining Co., Ltd.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors of Desert Mountain Energy Corp.
“Irwin Olian”
Irwin Olian
Chairman & CEO

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