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Properties & Projects:
Properties & Projects

Desert Mountain Energy Corp.
Exploration and development of Helium and Oil & Gas properties in the U.S. Southwest.

Helium - Northwestern Arizona
Heliopolis Project - 36,702 acres of key Helium prospects under lease in Holbrook Basin in East Central Arizona, with additional leases pending. Among the highest He grades in world produced there ranging from 8% to 10%. World’s best address for Helium: “The Saudi Arabia of Helium”. Helium is now the “High Tech Rare Gas”. Heliopolis - Holbrook Basin Helium Project (Northeastern Arizona)

Oil & Gas - Seminole County, Oklahoma
The Kight Gilcrease Sand Unit is an oil field in Seminole County, Oklahoma with strong potential for secondary water-flood production and new primary production. Comprises approximately 883.7 acres, with 7 wells on site, one currently operational. Historic recorded production from the KGSU 1,690,240 BO. Kight Gilcrease Sand Unit Oil and Gas Project (Seminole County Oklahoma)

Atlin, British Columbia
The Yellowjacket Gold Project which covers an aggregate of approximately 291.54 sq. is located 9km east of the town of Atlin, B.C. This project was the site of a gold rush in the late 19th century, coincidental with the Klondike, and produced over 1m ounces gold recorded. Yellowjacket Gold Project (Atlin, BC)


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